Friday, 9 June 2017

Report writing

This week we have been given a task on report success criteria. I worked with Emma and we come up with a way to present our work.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Camp reflection T2 W4

Camp Refection

Last week we went on Hammer Springs Camp. I found It my favorite camp iv been on ever. My favorite highlights Were probably the Hot pools and the Tree climbing. Here are all of the active we did.  Mission impossible , Hot pools, Mounting biking, Tree climbing and orienteering. 

I loved the tree climbing. First of all we had to get all harness up and the guide tour us how to be a safe climbing and how to b lay. There were to trees one was a eucalyptus but the rope to climb didn't go right to the to it only went just over half. The other tree was a pine tree witch it went right to the top. I climbed the pine tree and I got right to the top. I found it such a great experience  and  I had a lot of fun.      

Another one of my favorite activities was the mounting. I loved the biking because half way through we got to do a pump track and also do river crossing. There were some hard hills but I  just kept thing that is you go up one the gonna come down one. We went biking for just under 2 hours and it was so cool. 

My Last favorite was the Hot pools. I loved the hot pools because I loved spending time with my friends and having fun. I liked going down the super bowl and going in the lazy river. On the first night we spent 1 hour and a half and on the second night we spent 2 hours. out of the hot pools my favorite would be the hex angle pools.   


Friday, 5 May 2017

Refection T2 W1

Numeracy : This week for maths I had to create a D.L.O  for something that I learnt last term. I decided to create google drawing. I found this easy cause I just picked a W.A.L.T   out of my maths book and created an example to show how I did it. 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Weekly reflection W10 T1

Numeracy  : This week for numeracy we had to complete our weekly maintenance and word problems. I also was learning how to multiply decimal numbers and also find the circumference of a circle. I didn't finish my word problems because I haven't been here most of the week.  

I have also helped the Grey Main sports commute organised a treasure hut for our younger syndicate. I found this fun because I like helping people. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Weekly reflection WK9

Numeracy: This week for numeracy I had to complete my maths maintenance and my word problems . I only had 10 this week but normally I have 20 or 15. I found them easy for this week and also finished them on time. Here is my finished word problems. 

Word Problems
Term 1 Wk 9
-check all the way to the bottom of the page.
-Remember to also SMURF this please and put into your numeracy folder.

  1. Boohoo are having a sale, they have 35% off everything. Maya wants to buy 2 dresses and a jumpsuit. All together the 3 items cost $59. How much will they cost in the sale?
   A:  $ 38.35

2. Rebel Sport are having a sale, they have 50% off. Griffin wants to buy a new pair of rugby boots for this season. The ones he would really like are $140 but how much will they cost in the sale?
  A: $ 70

3. Finlay is buying some new gear from Hallensteins, lucky they have 30% off everything.  He spends $300, however how much will everything cost with 30% off?
  A: $ 210

4. The Warehouse is having a sale with 45% off. Nikau wants to buy a drone, they cost $80. What is the cost during the sale?
  A: $24

5. Find 45% of 345 A:

6. There are 375 children at Grey Main School. 15% of the children walk to school, how many children walk to school?

7. Find 56% of 240 A: $ 105.6

8. Find 31% of 267 : $ 184.23

Te Reo  : We have also been working in the Te He Ringa class. We have been learning foods in Maori. We had to make a goggle slide showing how to make a sandwich but to label the food and that your doing in Maori. Here is my finished work. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Decade in time refection

Topic / Literacy  : This week for topic our task was set around disasters. We had a couple of options  that we had to do. One of them was to  do a newspaper article on one of the disasters that happened before 2000. I picked and Mt Erebus disaster that happened in the 1970's . From then I had to create a decade in time showing all the thing that were used or invented in the 1970's . Here is my decade in time . 

Friday, 16 December 2016

End of term Refection

Literacy- This week since it is the last week of term Miss P wanted us to put our best work on our blogs from this term. I choose this because I worked really hard on it! 

I hope you guys have the best holidays ever and a Merry Christmas. Thanks to yous for commenting on my blog!!